ADAS risk score

Powering your understanding,
as technology is humanising vehicles

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as emergency braking, lane departure warning, active park distance control, etc., pave the way towards fully autonomous driving, while increasing vehicle and road safety.

Are you an insurer struggling to capture what Advanced Driver Assistance Systems a vehicle is equipped with and to understand what is the impact of ADAS on insurance claims? Are you a car manufacturer or mobility player seeking advanced risk knowledge to accurately rate vehicle safety features?

Built on robust statistical methodologies, the Swiss Re ADAS Risk Score, a vehicle risk-assessment model developed by Swiss Re,
gives you a clear indication of how the safety performance of a vehicle is affected by its Advanced Driver Assistance Systems. The score allows you to accurately reflect such technological improvements into your insurance tariffs and underwriting activities. ADAS in vehicles improve car and road safety, and insurance portfolio performance simultaneously.

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a smart solution

Insurance with insights and intelligence

On the way to autonomous mobility, the market for ADAS is projected to reach $58 billion in 2028.

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Traditional Risk Models

Insurers, car manufacturers and mobility players are not positioned to universally and accurately assess ADAS as part of their risk models.

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The Swiss Re ADAS Risk Score

Movingdots and Swiss Re are working with strong automotive partners to provide the insurance industry with the Swiss Re ADAS Risk Score.

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Tailored Motor Insurance Products

The gap between insurers and the automotive industry is bridged, as they exchange knowledge to improve road safety and create tailored motor insurance products.


Car automation is only set to increase in the future, heading to the permanent establishment of autonomous vehicles (AVs) on the roads and unavoidably bringing with it emerging risks. The Swiss Re ADAS Risk Score is our tool to help clients understand this changing risk and stay ahead of the game.

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Easily integrate ADAS into
your insurance pricing and
boost the profitability of
your auto insurance book

Get access to first-class
portfolio analyses by Swiss Re

Introduce the Swiss Re ADAS
Risk Score as an additional underwriting factor
the score from our platform

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Mobility players and OEMs

Leverage Swiss Re’s
empirical knowledge
on the performance of ADAS, based
on insurance-relevant insights

Get aggregated feedback
on the effectiveness of your systems

Receive more orders for
ADAS in new cars
as drivers
become more and more
educated about safety systems

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Increase your safety
on the road with a better understanding of modern
vehicle technology

Benefit from lower premiums
from insurers that reward
your investment in ADAS

Gain better knowledge of
safety features
and find out
what your own vehicle has
to offer for your benefit

Our Value Proposition

We differentiate by partnering directly with key automotive players, such as BMW and Toyota, and Tier-1 suppliers such as Veoneer, to deliver unique insurance relevant insights from industry knowledge and support our clients in assessing the vehicle risk more accurately.

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Car with ADAS detection
Standard Approach
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ADAS data at commercial name level

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ADAS assessment based on experience analysis

Our enhanced approach
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ADAS data at a system level, including ADAS technology specifications and engineering feedback from our automotive partners

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ADAS assessment complemented by vehicle testing at system level, adding accuracy and closing scoring time latencies

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Score calibrated to client's portfolio, accounting for specific traffic dynamics

Connect vehicle safety to insurance risk

The model uses manufacturer-reported safety specifications, real-world crash tests and claims portfolio analyses. Thanks to a backward- and forward-looking evaluation of risk, we are capable of scoring vehicles even before their market release.

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claim prediction

for >65% of the policyholders in
tested portfolios.

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allowing for smart portfolio steering, with both volume and profit play.

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insurance metrics

with strategies that increase the volume of policies while reducing the technical loss ratio.

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in near real time

via the Swiss Re
Automotive Portal.

Flexible delivery options

Different integration possibilities, depending on clients' needs and preferences.

API-based (data on demand)
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Flat file based (periodically updated)
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Andrea Keller

“We're driving innovation in the motor insurance sector and helping our clients enhance their product suite.
By encouraging customers to purchase ADAS-equipped vehicles, accidents will be significantly reduced. This completely aligns with Swiss Re’s vision to make the world more resilient.”

Andrea Keller
Head Automotive & Mobility Solutions, Swiss Re.


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