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Who drives Movingdots and how are we associated with Swiss Re?

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Founded in 1999 in Berne, Germany, Movingdots is a pioneer in the German telematics industry. Since 2015 the company is a fully owned and operated subsidiary of Swiss Re.
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With a team of more than 45 employees (and growing), we develop innovative, customer-specific, web-based solutions and smartphone apps for primary insurers, automobile manufacturers and fleet managers in the national and international marketplace.
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Movingdots is Swiss Re's technology hub in the automotive and mobility space.
& Swiss Re
80+ experts
New York
The future is closer than you think - and that's why we at Movingdots, together with Swiss Re and a team of more than 85 experts (and growing) are working on insurance solutions that will revolutionise automotive and mobility markets. Our teams are located in Bremen, Zurich, Milan and Beijing. We specialise in telematics, advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicles by means of the most advanced technologies.
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Our Milestones,
our History

  • October 1st, Stedinger Logistics Services GmbH (SLS) was founded in Berne, Germany.
  • A small software company, specialising in IT projects in the logistics environment.
  • Goal: The optimisation of logistics processes.
  • Driven by the customer BLG (Bremer Logistic Group), the first concepts for the use of mobile WAP technology for an asset tracking system.
  • For the first time, we received data out of the vehicle.
  • Implementation of the web-based telematics product "FIS" as a business solution for logistics companies.
  • For this product, mobile applications based on Windows CE were implemented for the first time, acting as location tracking clients.
  • Extension of the telematics product with a messaging functionality and an order management module. 
  • Data communication into the vehicle was also available then.
  • An important milestone was triggered by a technological change. Up until this point, location tracking clients had been used on mobile devices, nevertheless this would change with the use of hardware-based telematics units. For the first time, tracking devices by the manufacturer Cellocator were installed into trucks in order to determine the tracking positions and send them to the FIS backend.
  • In addition, these devices offered the option to use further sensors, such as temperature sensors or door lock controls. It did not take long to be able to use the connection to the vehicle's CAN as well.
  • May 1st, SLS joined the Hamburg-based akquinet AG and changed its name to akquinet SLS logistics GmbH.
  • As an IT consulting company, akquinet AG grouped medium-sized companies and thus offered a wide range of know-how with around 360 employees.
  • akquinet SLS participated in a public research project on the implementation of middleware for the processing of sensor data.
  • In the same year, parts of this technology were used for the implementation of a digital on board unit in police cars for the state of Brandenburg.
  • Together with the emergency control center Oldenburg, all connected ambulances were equipped with telematics units including navigation from akquinet SLS and connected to the existing emergency system.
  • After the successful launch in Oldenburg, the control center of Osnabrück was also equipped with this technology.
  • In addition, akquinet SLS developed the new product "", in which tree trunks were equipped with small, battery-operated tracking devices for anti-theft protection.
  • Together with a large manufacturer of wind power plants, akquinet SLS developed another telematics portal for process optimisation in the distributed manufacturing industry.
  • With the German insurance company VHV Versicherungen, the first PHYD (Pay How You Drive) insurance telematics pilot was implemented and released.
  • In parallel to the ongoing pilot, the product development was already in progress. Akquinet SLS developed the akquinet insurance telematics product and released it, as a white label product, for several German insurers.
  • akquinet SLS moved to Bremen Airport City.
  • As a leader in the German market, akquinet SLS was acquired by Swiss Re in December.
  • Together, our goal was to develop and implement a telematics product for the international market.
  • Appointment of Sebastiaan Bongers as CEO of akquinet SLS.
  • Launch of Coloride, our modular end-to-end telematics app solution, running on Swiss Re IoT platform.
  • Coloride goes into production with our first client in the Netherlands.
  • Re-branding to Movingdots GmbH.
  • Supporting Swiss Re's international partnerships and developing the Swiss Re ADAS Risk Score.
  • Relocation to the Überseequartier in Bremen to our modern and innovative offices.
  • Launch of the corporate website
  • The automotive telematics solution Coloride was successfully converted for the Chinese market.
  • A client solution based on Coloride received the "Innovationspreis der Schweizer Assekuranz 2020".
  • Swiss Re won the DIAmond Award for the Swiss Re ADAS Risk Score. The solution received most audience votes for its strategic impact.
  • Celebration of the fifth-year anniversary since Movingdots (formally akquinet SLS) was acquired by Swiss Re, redefining insurance analytics for the automotive and mobility sectors across the globe.
  • Swiss Re and BMW won the Automaker Partnership of the Year 2020 award by Informa Tech Automotive Group.
  • Swiss Re and Daimler launch new company Movinx to transform automotive and mobility insurance business. Sebastiaan Bongers leaves Movingdots to be transferred to Movinx.
  • Appointment of Donato Genovese and Andras Kelemen as Co-CEOs of Movingdots.

  • Movingdots was selected for "DIA Top 100 – Insurtechs To Watch 2021".
  • Swiss Re won the Porsche Data Cup 2021, by developing an AI-driven digital solution for claims processing.
  • Deployment of Coloride to the first shared-mobility player in France.
  • Deployment of Coloride to our first African client in Kenya.
  • Deployment of Coloride to our first Latin American client in the Dominican Republic.
  • Extension of our app solution Coloride, with the Coloride Drive Tag for enhanced trip detection and the Coloride Safety Tag for crash detection.
  • Movingdots was selected for "DIA Top 250 most inspiring and impactful Insurtechs".
  • Deployment of Coloride to our first client in the US market.
  • Appointment of Hendrik Todte as CEO of Movingdots.
  • Swiss Re is recognized by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for supporting the mission of saving lives and preventing harm from motor vehicle crashes.
  • Swiss Re won the Motor Insurance Initiative of the year –China.
  • The Swiss Re EV Risk Score was nominated among the top 5 selections for the Swiss Risk Award.
  • During Swiss Re’s client conference “Driving the Next in motor risk”, Swiss Re and Waymo officially announced their research collaboration, aimed at studying autonomous vehicles and understanding their behaviours while translating those into risk and engineering inputs.
  • Swiss Re and Waymo won the European Collaborative Partnership of the Year 2022 award.

& Swiss Re

The team in Bremen (Movingdots) develops mobile applications and state-of-the-art cloud-based solutions for mobility players. We also support international sales of the solutions and product development.

& Swiss Re

The Zurich team develops and is responsible for the entire strategy of Swiss Re’s Automotive & Mobility Solutions business unit for all markets worldwide. They also lead our international sales activities and are in charge of our IoT Platform architecture.

& Swiss Re

Our Advanced Analytics and Advanced Scoring teams in Milan build and further develop algorithms to detect maneuvers and help insurance companies make sense of telematics data.

& Swiss Re

Our team in London helps understand and respond to our client and market needs even better, allowing for operational excellence in sales and delivery.

& Swiss Re

Our team in Beijing is responsible for the coordination and the integration of our automotive solutions into the Chinese market.

& Swiss Re

Our team in New York shapes the insurance proposition for our OEM partnerships, and the development of our smart claims solutions.


In addition to our approximately 200 fleet telematics customers, we help Swiss Re provide smart solutions for international insurance companies. Furthermore, we have partnered with Pixida and we support Swiss Re’s partnerships with BMW, Collision Management Systems, HERE Technologies, Toyota, and Veoneer, among others.

Our Teams

Services & Integration

Bremen, Germany

Hi, I’m Tazbirul.

I am part of the Team Services & Integration. Our tasks are to integrate our clients and third-party providers, as well as their individual processes into our apps. We manage information, configurations and our users' data to adapt our apps to everyone's needs. We are dedicated to creating a smooth backend structured in Micro Services, hosted by Azure Cloud Services. Therefore, we mainly program in C#.

Tazbirul Haque
Tazbirul Haque
Full Stack Developer


Bremen, Germany

Hi, I’m Leon.

I am part of the Team App. We passionately develop intuitive apps with a strong focus on the user experience. With our agile team setup, we closely collaborate with designers, developers and quality assurance specialists in order to deliver the best suited apps to our global clients. In order to keep up with the pace in this fast-changing tech market, we are continuously developing apps that are on the cutting-edge of modern technology.

Leon Hahne
iOS Developer

Business Operations

Bremen, Germany

Hi, I’m Marilena.

I am part of the Team Business Operations. We coordinate our strategic initiatives and all business operations, such as finance, marketing, communications, human resources, office operations and sales, so that all technical teams can focus on the execution and achievement of our ambitious goals for our clients.

Maria-Eleni Mageira
HR & Communication Manager

Operations & Application Management

Bremen, Germany

Hi, I’m Hannah.

I am part of the Team Operations & Application Management. We're the bridge that unites all other things. We deliver the infrastructure for our teams and products around the world and keep them up and running. As a team of DevOps, we have a variety of tasks. To name a few, we automate the deployment, work on the development of cloud platform services and perform analysis in regard to performance and security of our platform. Also, we work to make the other teams' lives easier, by giving them the necessary tools to simplify their daily work. We simply work very closely with everyone.

Hannah Rakow
Dual Student Business Informatics

Quality Assurance

Bremen, Germany

Hi, I’m Marc.

I am part of the Team Quality Assurance. Here we analyse the requirements of our solutions, create test specifications and execute the testing in a closely monitored and methodical way. We need a large amount of creativity to set up the test scenarios with self-designed test benches and additional equipment in combination with several of the latest and most technologically advanced smartphone models. It is always a pleasure to update the stores with a better release of our app.

Marc Schlüter
Senior Test Manager

Service & Support

Bremen, Germany

Hi, I’m Gerrit.

I am part of the Team Service & Support. From the beginning of the initial setup and configuration of a GPS transmitter, right up to the deactivation of a transmitter when a vehicle is taken out of service, we are committed to providing our clients with the absolute best service possible. In order to provide our clients with the necessary assistance they may need, we have acquired a vast amount of knowledge and experience in the following areas: database, software development, mobile communications and electromechanics. Regardless of whether it is an individual database query, or a client would like a GPS transmitter to transfer additional vehicle data, our well-trained team members are here to help.

Gerrit Buch
Software Developer/Service & Support



Hi, I’m Sandra.

I am part of the international CoDots Team. We are integrated into the international Swiss Re teams around the world but work from the Bremen office. Primarily, we work for international sales and product development.

Sandra Albers
Product Manager

Management Team

Bremen, Germany

Hi! It's Hendrik.

I'm the CEO of Movingdots and together with Andreas Oellien, Christoph Kappler, Dennis Wiemann and Martin Webermann (each leading one of the Movingdots teams) we form the Management Team. As such, our responsibility is setting the strategic agenda of Movingdots and we rely on the broader Management Team for the daily steering of our technical and business engagements.

Hendrik Todte