Efficient and flexible.

Always keep an eye on your vehicles so you can say exactly when your goods will arrive at the customer - thanks to high-precision live-tracking and geofencing.

With live-tracking, you always have an overview of your fleet. Tailored to your individual needs, you can always display the current positions of your vehicles on an interactive map using reliable tracking technology. You can access and evaluate routes, stationary times and speed profiles at any time. Use the intuitive web portal in the office and a smartphone or tablet app for on the go. This means you are independent and can react to customer requests at any time and actively manage, monitor and optimise your business processes.

Your benefits at a glance

Real-time tracking
Web-based intuitive user interface
Clear map view (HERE / OpenStreetMap)
Lane visualization including stationary times
Geo position listing in address form
Display of stationary and driving times
Recalculation of travelled routes
Current traffic flow
Integration of customer addresses
Speed diagram

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