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Be up to date with your fleet.

With our digital tachograph solution, you are able to load the data automatically and directly into your network.

With the solution for the digital tachograph, you load the data automatically and directly into your own company network. The process is reliable and legally compliant. Now you can archive your data cost effectively with the highest level of security.

How does the download work?

With our download box, the data is downloaded directly into your own company network. The Movingdots telematics portal initiates data transmission at easily definable intervals either via the Movingdots telematics server or directly to a fixed IP in your network. The download box authenticates the connection and saves the downloaded data onto a USB stick or on a network drive by using the company card.

Your benefits at a glance

Simplify the compliance of legal requirements
Automatic remote downloads ensure that the archiving status with drivers activities are always up-to-date
Avoid additional costs by traveling to a location where a manual download can be done
The download box only requires Internet access. The downloads are then completely automatic
Your company card remains at the company. It has to be inserted into the download box during the downloads

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