Our telematics solution

Are you an insurer interested in connectivity and data-driven motor insurance? Are you a mobility provider looking for better customer engagement and driving behavior on the road? Are you a fleet owner seeking risk prevention and claims reduction?

Coloride is our modular, end-to end, customizable, B2B2C telematics solution, backed with insurance risk insights. It provides many benefits to you and your customers. We support you in every stage: from designing the product, to making sense of the data and translating it into risk metrics.

Coloride: Maneuvers
Coloride: Info trips
Coloride: Info trips
White label app

Your brand and our cutting-edge telematics technology

  • An app with your corporate colors, styles and logo

  • Roll out in 12 weeks*

  • Access to all our standard modules

  • Available on Google Play and the Apple App Store

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* In case of standard deployment, it takes 12 weeks from signing the contract to product deployment.
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Maneuver dectection
Trip analized
Trip detection
Scoring example
Scoring and analytics
SDK integration

Add telematics functionalities to an existing or new app

  • Set of tools, libraries, code samples and documentation to enable trip recording, scoring and contextual information as well as maneuver, speeding and distraction detection

  • Device management and data ingestion via highly scalable Microsoft Azure IoT Hub backend. Relevant data (trips, scores, events, etc.) is accessible via RESTful APIs  

  • All data is uploaded to our Analytics Platform, the laboratory for our existing and future machine learning-based analytics model

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Benefits to you and your customers

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Benefits to our clients

Significant net improvement on your bottom line
mainly due to risk self-selection and
claims cost reduction

Improved customer experience,
increased customer engagement, touchpoints
and cross selling opportunity

Access to real-time data
and tailored portfolio insights with
our Automotive Portal

Access to an actuarially proven risk score,
ready to plug in into your tariff structure

Up to a 15% reduction in claims handling costs,
if you integrate our claims reporting module
for easy management of your claims

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Benefits to drivers

Increased control and transparency
over their insurance premium

Improved driving behavior, through
post-drive coaching, leading to
lower premium

Rewards for good driving
thanks to our payment partnership with Imburse

Value-added services
(e.g. in-app claims reporting functionality)

Rapid accident assistance and support
(e.g. emergency and breakdown call)

Our unique approach

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Modular solution

You can select modules to be included in Coloride: choose between a white-label or SDK approach, with an option to add a self-install hardware to support the app-based solution. Coloride is used to implement PAYD, PHYD or hybrid UBI solutions.

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Risk knowledge

Take advantage of many years of actuarial and data science know-how that went into our solutions.
We also use behavioral economic insights to ensure that the solution suits your customers.

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Data management

Data is stored and enriched in a device-agnostic IoT telematics platform (MS Azure). You will get portfolio analytic capabilities through our Automotive Portal.

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Proactive risk mitigation

Our mobile app offers in-depth insight on past driving behaviour and provides feedback and tips to improve driving through post-drive coaching.  

Explore Coloride

Coloride: Dashboard

Your information in one place

Tips & Tricks, current score and sub-scores, last performed trip and your current account balance for the Voucher Shop.

Coloride: Trip details

Discover your driving style

Speeding, distraction, various maneuvers & context.

Coloride: My trips

Check your latest trips

Transport mode recognition (TMR) and trip recording in three ways: 1) automatic, 2) via the car's entertainment system and 3) with the Coloride Drive/Safety Tag trip recording.

Coloride: Stadistics

Improve your driving

Proactive risk mitigation through detailed insights on driving (sub-)scores and post drive coaching.

Coloride: Inbox

Check out your performance this week

Weekly driving statistics incl. feedback and tips on how to improve driving behavior.

Coloride: Voucher Shop

Get rewarded for good driving

Vouchers and/or donations for good driving.

Coloride: Emergency call

Get help in emergency situations

Breakdown/emergency call options.

Coloride: My groups

Share Coloride with other drivers using your car

Add multiple drivers per vehicle and see the individual driving behavior (optional).

Coloride: Report a Claim

Report and handle your claim digitally

Easily manage your claim.

Coloride has already been translated into many different languages and supports also right-to-left text. If your required language is not currently available, our team will be able to implement it within one month.

The Coloride Drive Tag

Enhanced trip detection

We offer the Coloride Drive Tag to complement our app-only solution, in cooperation with our hardware manufacturing partner PI LABS. It is a discreet and unobtrusive Bluetooth device with a motion sensor. Its main tasks are to enhance trip and fraud detection. To ensure a positive user experience, this hardware device is easy to self-install using an adhesive tape. Designed to provide long battery life, it features a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection.

Safety tag
The Coloride Safety Tag

Crash detection

You can choose to add crash detection capabilities to the hardware device. The crash detection algorithm has been developed on a dataset including over 1 million accidents. Thus, the tag avoids the problem of false positive alerts.

Car and Safety tag

Telematics insurance proposition
based on embedded vehicle data

The proprietary trip scoring algorithm embedded in our telematics solution Coloride, not only leverages connected car data, but also includes contextual information to refine the score. Through embedded vehicle data, we can achieve increased driving safety and lower claims costs. Our proprietary algorithms allow for ingestion of driving data from vehicles.

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We are now capable of processing telematics data coming directly from vehicles through our proprietary algorithms.

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The proposition is flexible by design and can be expanded to more car manufacturers.

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Provided that the relevant data is available, we can even cater to clients as diverse as mobility providers, leasing companies or owners of large fleets.

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Thanks to a wide range of use cases, the algorithm can improve at an accelerated pace, benefiting our growing user base.

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A variety of sources can be drawn from, with differing frequency to cover a multitude of use cases.

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As data comes directly from the vehicle, there is no need to involve further means of data collection. As a result, we avoid additional costs.

Usage-based insurance (UBI) models

Pay how you drive (PHYD)

Pay how you drive aims at reducing insurance premium costs for users with good driving behaviour. Our solution takes distraction, maneuvers, speeding and contextual information into account and calculates a score that justifies reductions in insurance premiums or rewards for customers.

Pay as you drive (PAYD)  

Pay as you drive follows the principle of “I only pay for the distance I drive". A car parked for a few weeks is very unlikely to be involved in an accident, whereas a car that is used frequently has a higher probability. Our solution enables you to keep track of a driver’s travelled distance – we offer this either with the support of our Coloride Drive/Safety Tag or, alternatively, with our Coloride app-only solution.

Try before you buy (TBYB)

Build your motor portfolio with better than average drivers. Acquiring new insureds with telematics assures sustainable long-term portfolio profitability. Coloride can support this model with the separate mobile app or through the integration of our mobility SDK with the existing app.

Shared mobility  

Vehicle ownership is declining, more and more cars get shared among multiple drivers. Assess each driver’s risk with a specific telematics implementation and Coloride’s My Group feature.

Our Automotive Portal

The solution also includes a dashboard for insurers – our Automotive Portal – which shows a direct and exhaustive overview of your main telematics statistics.

Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the client can easily:  

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    Navigate through a preliminary portfolio overview

  • Green dot

    Monitor emerging trends

  • Green dot

    Produce correlation analysis between telematics and traditional parameters (i.e., previous claims experience)

The key data set offers a focused analysis on:

User trips data  

Drivers and profile statistics

Telematics risk events  

Driver score distribution  

App usage statistics


User onboarding process  

Scoring and Analytics

The Driver Score

By collecting sensor data from drivers’ smartphones, Coloride calculates a driver score, which is based on four sub-scores:

Coloride: My Scores Overall

The four sub-scores

Distraction icon

We monitor if the driver unlocks or picks up their phone while the app is recording car trips.

Speeding icon

We track instances where the speed limit is exceeded as well as the extent to which this limit is broken.

Maneuvers icon

Maneuvers such as harsh acceleration, harsh braking and others are taken into account to calculate this score.

Context icon

The context score is influenced by time of the trip and road type. For example, avoiding car trips during rush hour or driving at night improves the score.  

Where do I stand vs. others?

Thanks to My Scores these sub-scores are available to the driver. This way, they can see how they compare to other drivers and receive useful feedback and tips to improve their driving.

Coloride: Best driver


Speeding score

You were speeding more. Does your car have a limiter or cruise control? Use these functions to gain better control of the speed of your car.

Coloride: Speeding Score

Our vision is to enable safety and innovation in mobility through cutting edge technology. Our solution, with its integrated driver coaching, marks a stepping stone on this journey by allowing drivers to understand:  

The driver can learn
  1. How we assess their driving behavior

  2. How they compare to other drivers

  3. How their driving behavior changed compared to previous weeks

  4. What they need to do to drive safer