Tour planning & optimisation

Planning and optimising tours.

You and your customers will love knowing exactly where the goods are at any given time.

The tour-planning module is used to plan, optimise and track tours for vehicles in your fleet. The individual destination addresses of a tour are automatically identified by an electronic fence or by the driver with a completion notification message. In the tour overview you can see the progress of the tour, including expected arrival times and distances. Thanks to the current status feature, you can always provide information to your customers.

Transfer data from your existing ERP software and manage your fleet more efficiently. With tour optimisation, you can avoid unnecessary trips and thus save time and money.

Your benefits at a glance

Display of the tour progress
Individual API interfaces
Automatic status notification triggered by electronic fences
Status updates by driver
Visualization of arrival and departure times
Calculation of the distance and travel time to the next destination

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