Make optimal choices between
financial return & sustainability


We help companies make optimal choices between financial return & sustainability – by measuring the double materiality and getting granular on true carbon emissions with our IoT platform.

In doing so we make companies more resilient to an increasingly volatile world.

Increasing pressure

From the governments, investors, market and the environment!


Companies forced disclose their full
emissions under EU’s CSRD

$130 trillion

COP 26 Glasgow has commitment of
financial institutions to reduce emissions
across all scopes in line with the 1.5°

Our offer

Seamless data ingestion from ERPs to APIs

Comprehensive coverage for  

  • All transport modes (road, rail, air, sea), 
  • All Scopes (1, 2, and 3), and 
  • Total emissions Direct and Indirect (Well-to-Wheel).  

Along with insights on suppliers' data accuracy and completeness 

Double materiality assessment on sustainability decisions

Evaluate transition risks and let companies make data backed decisions between financial return & sustainability through Science-backed data modelling techniques

Set goals and take action

Process and analyse emission data and foster strategies to guide organisations along the path to carbon neutrality based on projected future emissions in line with the rigorous science-based standards

Compliance ahead of regulation

Choose from a range of certifiable and machine-readable reports consistent with CSRD, EU taxonomy, TCFD, SFDR standards. Keep internal and external stakeholders engaged with climate programmes using real-time dashboards

What makes us different


Manage and evaluate emissions accurately along the entire value chain – scope 1, 2 and 3

True reduction

Achieve true reduction towards the postulated carbon net-zero goal

Carbon accounting

Integrate carbon accounting in your day-to-day business decision

Risk assessment

Assess financial and ecological risks - for your investment allocations

Stakeholder engagement

Engage your employees, business partners and stakeholders in the transition to a sustainable future

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