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Our Mission

Our mission is to make the risks of different mobility offers more transparent in order to better evaluate and quantify them for our clients. Data-driven and end-to-end user-friendly solutions for the international insurance industry and automobile manufacturers as well as offers for fleets are the focus of our activities. Together with our shareholder Swiss Re and many international partners, we want to make the automotive and mobility world a safer place - to the benefit of all generations.

Who we are at
Movingdots and how
we are associated
with Swiss Re

With 35 employees, we develop innovative, customer-specific, web-based solutions and smartphone apps for primary insurers, automobile manufacturers and fleet managers in the national and international market place.

Founded in 1998 in Bremen, Movingdots is a pioneer in the German telematics industry and has been a fully owned subsidiary of Swiss Re since 2015.

Movingdots is Swiss Re's technology partner for all insurance telematics solutions.

& Swiss Re
80 people

The future is closer than you think - and that's why we at Movingdots, together with Swiss Re and a team of ca. 80 professionals, spread across locations in Bremen, Zurich, Milan and Beijing, are working on several insurance solutions which will revolutionize the world of Automotive and Mobility. In particular, we focus our activities around telematics, advanced driving assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous vehicle by means of the most advanced technologies.


In addition to our approx. 200 fleet telematics customers, we help Swiss Re to provide smart solutions for international insurance companies. Furthermore, we support Swiss Re’s partnerships with BMW, Collision Management Systems and Pioneer, among others.


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