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Movingdots is among DIA Top 250 most impactful insurtechs

A reference guide for insurance decision makers worldwide
Maria-Eleni Mageira
Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

Five years ago, the renowned Digital Insurance Agenda (DIA) started with one mission: to accelerate innovation by connecting insurance executives with insurtech leaders. At the dawn of 2022, they share the DIA Top 250: a selection of the 250 most impressive, inspiring and impactful insurtechs.

Movingdots was selected as a DIA Top 250 Insurtech for the following reasons, according to co-founder Reggy de Feniks :

"Mobility providers, insurers and fleet owners, all need to keep up with emerging mobility trends to better serve their customers. Movingdots can support all these groups, using modern technologies to provide transparent and comprehensive monitoring. They also combine insurance analytics with big data technology to visualise an individual risk assessment. The excellent maneuver detection range and post-drive coaching capabilities of their telematics solution Coloride ensure that Movingdots is well positioned to help insurers, mobility providers and fleet owners succeed".

The reference guide for insurance decision makers worldwide including all selected companies can be found here.  Enjoy more content and gain industry inspiration on DIA TV and contact us to learn more about our solutions.

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