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A description of the recruiting process at Movingdots

From job searching to joining your dream team
Armando Boccardo
Head of Human Resources
Paula Bullwinkel
HR Associate

The hiring process at Movingdots reflects our culture, which is of paramount importance to our corporate family. We hire based on attitude first, and secondly on skills – keeping in mind the importance of equity, with the desire to maintain a truly diverse and inclusive workplace. As you are reading this article, we would like you to get to know us a bit better, empowering your job search by giving you the right information. Check our company website, LinkedIn page and News & Insights to learn more about Movingdots, our teams and our parent company, Swiss Re.

The steps of our recruiting process

Before applying, focus on your strengths

You may have applied for a number of jobs recently. Moreover, you might have been putting lots of time and effort into this for even longer. Before you send out your latest CV, take a breath and hold on. Think about what makes you look for a new job in the first place. Of course, it may be that youʼve just finished your studies and are looking forward to kicking off your career in the field that you love. Or you might feel that itʼs a good time for a change. Think about what has and hasnʼt worked for you or met your expectations so far and what you would like to improve or do differently in the next company. Look through our website and get inspired, or check out our LinkedIn page. Do you get the impression that the company culture would suit you? Would you fit in with this new culture?

What would we like to see on your CV?

Now, you might ask yourself, “Whatʼs important to me”? We can give you the answer to what is meaningful to us when you apply to Movingdots. As you will have seen on our website, on the one hand, we are a well-established company, which is part of one of the largest reinsurance companies in the world. On the other hand, we do have a start-up mentality, spread across many countries. It is therefore important for us (and for you as part of our community) to ensure nice and easy cross-team and multicultural collaboration. That requires proficiency in English, which is our working language. Other than that, we have colleagues who speak many other languages. This means that we can translate your CV, no matter which submission language you use. We want you to feel certain that you have expressed yourself to the fullest and in the way you feel most comfortable.  

In short:

  • Tell us about the experience you already have that is relevant to our job description.
  • Tell us about your educational background.
  • Tell us who you are.

A short introduction that focuses on your soft skills would be fantastic. Let us know not only about what you can do, but also how, and in particular why you love what you do. How would you treat your work, your colleagues, what is your "attitude"? Soft skills are just as important as any other skills, if not more so. Hard skills can be taught – attitude cannot. To help make things easier for us, keep your CV short – two pages maximum, one would be even better. Sometimes, less is more. Make sure that your CV is to the point.

Donʼt forget to fill in the following fields in your CV:

  • Where do you want to work from? (Office, remote within Germany, a mix of both).
  • Are you currently planning to move to Germany? If not now, would that be an option?

How can you send us your application?

If you like Movingdots and you would love to be part of our international team, on our website you can find the steps to follow for all our different job offers. To help save you time, we have made the application submission process very short and streamlined. It only takes a few clicks. It might be tempting to apply to more than one vacancy, but we really want you to focus on the job that suits you best. Of course, there is also the option of our Talent Pool application if there is no match for you at the moment.

When you have followed the steps on our online application form, your submission will be sent to our HR team. Please make sure that we have all of the relevant information by filling out a few fields on our careers page before submitting your application. Now you can sit back and relax!

The HR team will get back to you as soon as possible, normally within the next seven days.

Paula Bullwinkel and Armando Boccardo, HR of Movingdots

What happens after youʼve sent us your CV?

HR and technical check. Then, we get to know each other better in the next three steps!

After receiving your application, we in HR will analyse it carefully. We use our experience to decide whether your qualifications and skills would suit a certain job role. When this is the case, we forward your application to the Team Lead who is responsible for assessing the technical skills.

Step 1: First interview: The introduction

When HR and the Team Lead agree to start the first round with you, you will receive a call from HR (Armando or Paula) with an invitation to an initial interview. There, we get the chance to get to know you better and you get to meet us and your potential Team Lead. Usually, this will take up to one hour.

Step 2: The coding challenge/practical exercise

After the first round, weʼll have more information to help us decide if weʼre a good match. If you and Movingdots both agree to proceed, the second interview will be held. This may be either a so-called "coding challenge" (typically for developers), or a role-play type presentation with a bigger audience of 3–6 people from different departments (for other positions), or a "test day" (typically for students and junior designers). The coding challenge can be either a long one (over two days) or a short one (a couple of hours) – it depends on the job position and your availability! The role play takes one hour, and weʼll give you a couple of days to prepare beforehand.

Step 3: The last round

If you pass the second step, and you would still like to continue with the recruitment process, you will have reached the last round! The last interview will be with senior colleagues (such as the CEO, COO or CTO depending on the role). This one is a call lasting approximately 30 minutes.

Why do we have these steps? Easy – we would like you to have the opportunity to get to know some potential future colleagues during the interviews. It gives you a better understanding of our company culture, and itʼs really important to us to show that clearly. Also, you get the opportunity to ask different people in the company questions (HR, Team Lead, Team Members, Management) and you can get an idea of what your workday would look like. We also donʼt want to waste your time with lots of interviews with different people in case either you or we realise it's not a match. This is why we created this streamlined three-step approach.

The interviews can take place virtually or in person – itʼs up to you. If we do invite you to visit our office in Bremen, Movingdots will cover your travel expenses.

What happens after the interviews?

Once all interviews are finished, we will discuss internally how we would like to move forwards. You should also take time to reflect on what you learnt. If we decide to make you an offer, usually Armando will call you and let you know the good news. After that, you will receive a written offer from us. If you decide to join Movingdots by signing the offer, we will start working on all your contract of employment documents. Before receiving and signing the contract of employment, you will get a first draft. We will give you a couple of days to have a look at it and after this we will plan a “Q&A Session” with you so that you have the opportunity to ask us any questions you might have regarding your contract of employment. Once all this is done and all your questions are clarified, we will finalise the contract and then meet in person to sign the contract so you can get to know your new colleagues! When you start working with us, if you are a remote worker, you will ideally spend a couple of days during your first week at the DotQuarter, where you will receive your hardware, be onboarded and connect with your team and colleagues. There, you will have the opportunity to get to know the whole Movingdots family, enjoy our beautiful office and do some sightseeing in Bremen! While we would like to give you the option to spend time with us at the DotQuarter, we can also do this step digitally, if you prefer.

Matthias Hänsel's comments on the recruitment process

How do we work across teams and locations?

Even though we are a company with colleagues all over the world, we do like to invest time in team-building activities in person in our office, the DotQuarter, which is based in Bremen. From time to time, all team members will travel to Bremen to work together for a couple of days – also spending the evenings together with dinner or playing games or sports. We have other opportunities to meet up in the year, at workshops held in different locations, conferences that our teams might attend and our annual events.

Equal opportunities

At Movingdots, we are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of racial or ethnic origin, background, religion or belief, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, citizenship, marital status or disability. At the same time, we support and encourage womenʼs participation in the labour market and embracing of technology, which is fundamental for ensuring equality.


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