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Telematics insurance from vehicle data with Daimler and HDI

Coloride translates telematics data from Mercedes-Benz connected vehicles into scoring

Daimler Insurance Services, HDI, Swiss Re and its technology subsidiary Movingdots come together to provide telematics insurance to Mercedes-Benz connected vehicles customers.

The partnership aims to foster driving safety and lower insurance costs for Mercedes-Benz customers through in-vehicle telematics:

  • Mercedes-Benz customers in Germany can subscribe to the Mercedes-Benz Telematik-Autoversicherung “InScore”, a connected insurance provided by HDI which rewards safe driving with policy discounts
  • Swiss Re and Movingdots provide the proprietary trip scoring algorithm embedded in the telematics solution Coloride, which not only leverages connected car data, but also includes contextual information to refine the score

In this regard, Monika Schwarz, Head of Global Digital Solution at Daimler Insurance Services, said: "Our telematics Motor Insurance product is the perfect fit to the strategy of Mercedes-Benz, promoting not only safer but also more eco-friendly driving, combining gamification with a clear financial incentive. Our partnership with Swiss Re/Movingdots will bring our scoring to the next level of sophistication and ultimately enhance the experience for our customers.”

Telematics insurance for Mercedes-Benz customers to incentivize safety on the road

Mercedes-Benz entire line-up is now equipped with embedded telematics hardware enabling the use of an innovative insurance proposal developed in partnership with Swiss Re and HDI and marks a step towards a seamless connected-vehicle reality. Customers subscribing to the Mercedes-Benz Telematik Autoversicherung InScore at their dealers or online are welcomed with a discount when they take out the policy. Based on the safety of their driving, they are eligible for an additional discount when they renew their policy. The aim of a proposal like this is not only to offer fairer insurance products, but especially and foremost, to promote safe driving as a natural habit.

Stefan Baumann, Business Owner Car Insurance at HDI Insurance Company, commented: "The advantage of our joint telematics product “InScore” is twofold: not only it allows the quantification of discounts on the motor insurance policy, but it also incentivizes a safer driving style. In fact, through feedback for the individual driving behavior in the Mercedes Benz portal, customers are encouraged to drive “low risk” and constantly improve their “Driving Score”, motivated by projections of the achievable additional discounts on the policy. The technology from Swiss Re/Movingdots is fundamental in empowering this proposition and further developing it."

This is echoed by Gian Matteo Corda, Senior Partnership Manager at Swiss Re, who added: "Our top priority in the automotive business is to help our clients reduce the risks on the roads and make mobility more sustainable. Thanks to our proprietary technology, we can positively impact driving behaviour, lower overall claims costs and – most importantly – make the roads safer."

Coloride technology boosts eco-friendly driving starting from vehicle data

An improved behaviour behind the wheel also helps owners of gasoline-powered vehicles cutting on their CO2 emissions and developing an eco-friendly driving, thanks to a more efficient fuel consumption. As an example, hard acceleration and braking (categorized as harsh maneuvers by Coloride algorithms) can waste fuel and lower mileage by 33% on the highway and 5% around town, according to the Department of Energy (DOE).

Hendrik Todte, Movingdots CEO, summarized it in his words: "The technology of Swiss Re and Movingdots provides Mercedes-Benz drivers with valuable feedback on their driving behaviour which resonates well with the superior safety features of their Mercedes-Benz premium vehicles. Safe driving will be rewarded and will also result in lower fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. We are thrilled to deliver customer value, safety and innovation in mobility through seamless technology solutions together with our partners Mercedes-Benz and HDI."

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