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Movingdots: An employer of choice!

How a small tech company can leverage on its feel-good atmosphere to cope with today's business constraints
Maria-Eleni Mageira
Digital Marketing & Communications Manager

Movingdots promote themselves as an employer that truly takes care of their employees' wellbeing. When you take one step into our office, you feel the Employee Friendly culture rising from every corner. Our Bremen offices, the DotQuarter, have nothing to be envious of, compared to big companies, which have invested a lot into creating positive and creative workspaces.

"With our rebranding from Akquinet sls to Movingdots, we aspired to create a unique experience for both our teams and customers. This means that everything you see, hear and touch should portray an innovative, high-energy and fun brand. For our office space, it meant doing things differently. Hence, we wanted it to feel homey and inspiring, we focused on employee-health, we made it reflect our international nature, be high-end and facilitate being inclusive. Additionally, this hi hi hi concept refers to the fact that a good office also needs to be fun. The entire design, from chairs to paintings, decorations, wall colors and chandeliers, follows this concept", states Sebastiaan Bongers, former CEO of Movingdots.

Indeed, with all the staff perks, such as extra comfortable office chairs that prevent pressure and strain on the back, height-adjustable desks, a room for relaxation where employees can enjoy the restorative potential of a powernap, a huge 8K monitor, gaming consoles, a big selection of books, a VR system for working-out as well as our modern telepresence facilities, top-notch hardware and a unique design, among other things, the essence of all comments about the DotQuarter is summed up in two words: The "WOW effect"!

"Our employees are not just the company's biggest asset, they are the company. We keep our workforce happy. Positivity fuels engagement, creativity, energy, motivation, productivity, resilience and ultimately our success. Only together can we develop state-of-the art technical know-how for our clients as well as our shareholder, Swiss Re. The ultimate goal is providing smart solutions for the insurance and fleet businesses, having gained the trust of hundreds of customers and building on our strong reputation, as pioneers in Germany's telematics industry", says Donato Genovese, co-CEO of Movingdots.

Movingdots strive for the highest quality work, while successfully meeting their corporate objective, in good times, as well as in difficult ones. Recently, we had to make some necessary adjustments to cope with the Covid-19 challenge. How did this affect our teams?

Even though Movingdots is in Bremen, we are embedded in Swiss Re's Automotive & Mobility Solutions unit, which means that we work with colleagues in several other locations. Movingdots employees therefore closely observed the developments of the pandemic already in the very start. Our colleagues in Beijing became an example for everyone, by showing us what they were experiencing, being the first to face strict measures, like containment. Then our colleagues from Italy soon followed and, by the time lock-down measures were in place in Zurich and Bremen, we were already prepared. Our leadership team has been extremely fast in taking the right measures and in providing information to everyone involved. From one day to the next, we were completely in telecommuting or, how we say it, "home-office" mode. Luckily, we are all healthy and have adjusted to the new daily work lives at home.

Movingdots are not only continuing to provide solutions for primary insurers, car manufacturers and fleet managers, but also place high attention on their people.

The HR department has provided support to employees from the very beginning and is available for any needed advice. According to Movingdots' Head of HR, Armando Boccardo, "We are proactive, and our goal is to keep the health and motivation of our people strong. When the right company culture is in place and colleagues use what technology offers to collaborate, HR can be an additional guide, leveraging on solid ground. And if this is not enough, we are ready to consult with experts in specific fields, to provide additional support." Beyond the important focus on the existing workforce, we are continuing to recruit, in order to fulfill our expansion plans, by attending virtual career events, as traditional ones have been cancelled around Europe.

Empowerment is important. Therefore, every team leader makes sure that connections among employees continue in the virtual space through regular catch-ups. In addition, little company-wide breaks are, more than before, a knowledge and cultural exchange between technology and business departments.

For the time being, we should stay realistic about the present and the limitations that circumstances are imposing on us. Still, this experience is revealing itself as fortifying, giving us the push to move beyond boundaries, into uncharted territories, that could become part of our everyday lives.

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