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Tying product development to marketing initiatives for a successful telematics launch

Easy and enjoyable user experience, in a complex tech world
Maria-Eleni Mageira
Digital Marketing & Communications Manager
Martin Webermann
Head of App Development

The success of a telematics proposition highly depends on an insurer's ability to identify and respond to issues, challenges and trends as they emerge. In this fast-paced and ever-changing environment, Movingdots focuses on product accuracy and customer experience. We consistently monitor business trends and identify opportunities in order to evolve our app-based solution Coloride, thereby transforming telematics into a source of competitive advantage for our partner insurers.


Coloride is Swiss Re's technically advanced, globally available telematics app that assesses the real driving behaviour of insurance clients. By collecting sensor data from users' smartphones, Coloride is able to calculate a driving score which is based on different components. This score can be used to engage users with a flexible, module-based gamification approach. Coloride records trips automatically through a background process and can distinguish between different transport modes. The implementation of Coloride follows a white-label approach that enables clients to roll-out a branded app version in a short amount of time. It is also available as a software development kit (SDK) that can be integrated into a client’s existing app. Insurers can decide whether to integrate Coloride into their own app or use it as a stand-alone one.

Boosting customer value

Insurance companies use data from Coloride to drive performance improvement with tangible results on driver behaviour and value creation. Without high-level support, all the information and gathered data, would unfortunately be in danger of becoming underutilized. But with the right attention and optimisation, it could take insurers to the next level. Movingdots and Swiss Re Automotive & Mobility Solutions experts help them by properly interpreting the telematics data recorded by Coloride on smart phones and then by translating this into innovative insurance propositions, which is the key to success in the ever-changing motor world market. Pure technology providers cannot offer the same support as Movingdots and Swiss Re, which combine risk knowledge and technical capabilities into one unique offering.

Product design and marketing play a key role

Technology jargon can be challenging for many to digest. While IT architecture becomes more and more complex, the user experience needs to be as easy as possible. Navigating through time-wasting, counterintuitive menus is not an option for app users who want to have functionality and key information at their fingertips. Incorporating the user experience during the design phase is vitally important in the development process. However, this is only half of what is needed to be successful. Marketing is, of course, the other half. But the question then becomes, how do we present the complex features of a telematics app in a quick, easy, yet engaging way? We believe in the power of video to achieve this goal and we used it to advertise our launch in China (whose technical efforts are presented in this article).

Telematics in today's ecosystem is transforming the way companies optimise their operations by helping them make better decisions in real time. At Movingdots we are dedicated to supporting our customers during the “telematics journey” process, with our technical expertise, commitment and our experience on the go-to-market phase. Have we sparked your interest? Then, contact us!

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